"The gift is in the packaging....."
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Embrace the Winter ambiance and add a little opulence to your packaging, with Barama's dark colour palettes, organic textures and rich metallics......

Winter Textures
Bring in Marble, Lace & Felt..because tactile never dates

Winter Wonderland
Redefine cold as 'crisp' with Silver, Tiffany & White
Winter Warmers
Rustic Jute - byo marshmallows, twigs & flame

Jute Sack XS in natural filled with Coconut Coir Fibre
Winter Indulgence
Purple, Neutrals & Rich Chocolate - a little bit of Heaven

Winter Styling
Moody, sophisticated colour palettes that embody the season

Winter Metallics
Enhance deep, dark, colours with touches of metal

Copper Blush Wrap with Tribal Wrap in Black/Copper/Gold.
Copper Stretched Mesh and Copper Lace Ribbon on Bazaar Wrap in Gunmetal/Black

Generous wholesale discounts of up to 20%
means great value all year round

* Conditions apply see website for details
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